Welcome to Silver Paws!

And so it begins.  Here we are in Mooresville, North Carolina.  We have a mission to provide the area's homeless and unwanted Seniors with a loving, safe and healthy home.  Our first and best option will be to find these old, lonely pups an adoptive family of their own.  If that's not possible we hope to place them in a loving forever foster home that will allow them to thrive and be loved until their last breath.  And final yet wonderful option is to provide a home at the Sanctuary for the remainder of their lives.  At the Sanctuary they will be cared for and loved as a family member.

About Us

Just the Beginning

So we are just getting started with our new Sanctuary.  We could not be more excited to dive into the magical world of Senior Dog Rescue! 

Fosters and Volunteers

We are nothing without our Fosters and Volunteers.  Please join our Mailing List so you can be the first to know when we have our first meeting!  We have a house.. we need your help to make it a HOME!

The Money

It always come down to the money.  We are hoping to be up and running in early spring 2020.  We need to start filling our bank account.  There will be food to buy, meds and supplies to stock up on, and vets to pay.  These Seniors are not cheap!  Unlike other rescues, we won't be able to rely on adoption fees to keep us going.  We need wonderful, generous supporters to help fund the cause.  Please consider donating.

A Winning Team


We're building our team from the ground up.  To get where we're going, we're going to need a Village! An Army! Please let us know if you want to get involved.  As time goes on and the project develops, we'll have specific needs and we can start to communicate on a regular basis.  Please stay tuned!!  

Our History


We love dogs!  All dogs!  But there's just something so special about the old ones.  They need us to be their voice and they need us to be their family.  This project is for the Silver Paw Pups.  The ones that have no family and no voice.  Help us give them the love and care that they deserve in their golden years.

Animals Are Our Mission


 Our mission is to provide homeless senior dogs with a loving, safe and compassionate home for as long as they may need it. We accomplish this through ongoing adoptions, forever fosters and a sanctuary that can serve as a warm and secure permanent home where they will be cherished like they deserve.