Ways to Help



One of the most critical aspects of caring for these Seniors will be Foster Homes.  Often we will need immediate short term care but more often we will need loving forever homes.  Silver Paws will take care of all costs of the care including food and medical care.  All you do is provide the home, the love and the attention.



There is so much to do!  We will need loving volunteers to play with our Seniors and show them the love we all know they deserve.  We will also need fundraisers, pooper scoopers, laundrists, mowers, walkers, feeders, medicators, cleaners, bathers.. the list goes on and on.  But doting on these old pups is JOB #1!



We need LEADERS!!  Building this community of volunteers and running this Sanctuary is not a one-person job.  We'll need people to run our fundraising efforts, coordinate volunteers, organize our foster home network, handle our adoptions, coordinate donations, facilitate our facebook and instagram, update our website and help run the Sanctuary!